A Meal Time Breakthrough

So, my spunky 3 yr-old has decided she doesn't want to eat dinner anymore. She throws tantrums, kicking and screaming, and crying, on the floor. Tonight I tried something new that totally worked....

I made tacos for dinner, a Tuesday night favorite at our house. Instead of making her a "quesadilla" (pretty much a taco, but shaped like a quesadilla), or a burrito, or a taco, I put all the ingredients for a taco on her plate. She threw her usual tantrum about wanting juice with dinner and layed on the floor crying and complaining for about 15 minutes. My daughter would drink juice all day if I let her. I have to limit her. Instead of arguing with her, I just sat down and ate my dinner letting her lay on the floor crying. (Hopefully that doesn't make me a bad mom!)

Then... a miracle happened. She got up off the floor, started drinking her water, and walked over to her plate where she then asked me to help her cut her tortilla so she could make a sandwich. She then proceeded to create her own sandwich adding the beans, taco meat, tomatoes, and cheese. She ate the whole thing!!!! I gave her one of those really dull toddler knives so that she could spread her beans around on the tortilla. She thought it was so great because she made her own dinner!!!

Now that dinner is over, I am awaiting the next big meltdown of the evening... but at least I won the dinner battle! :)


  1. Yay! That's awesome! My son is a good eater, but he especially loves to choose his dinner, so I will usually set things out on the counter and ask him what he wants on his plate. It works pretty much every time!

  2. My oldest eats really good, it's my little 22 month old that is really picky. If it's not popcorn and Cherrios, most of the time she won't eat it. Thanks for sharing!
    I am just stopping by from Welcome Wednesday to say hello, I have been following your blog for a little while now. Have a wonderful Wednesday!



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