Etsy Shop Spotlight

If you haven't stopped by this cute blog... you totally need to! Especially if you are an Etsian!!
The Etsy Shop Spotlight
Jaime hosts The Etsy Shop Spotlight blog and it is simply adorable. She participates weekly in Mingle Monday, and asked if I could mention her blog on mine!  Once I visited it, I knew I just HAD to dedicate a post to her!!

Part of what she does includes spotlighting Etsy shops and their owners.... for FREE! You just email her and she sets up a date to run your spotlight!! If you own an Etsy shop and you want to get your name and products out there, send her a quick email!

This is the current Etsy spotlight picture. It is a miniature garden scaled 1:12 for doll houses. No reason why your dollhouse can't decorate for Halloween!

In addition, she reviews products and hosts giveaways. I am sure she would love to review your products and host a giveaway for you! Great for sellers just getting started on Etsy...

She is currently doing a giveaway for this lovely product! Make sure you go enter!!

AND... as if that wasn't enough of a lure for you... she offers sponser advertising space on her blog! For a small fee you can have your ad placed on her blog... OR ... send her a product of yours equal to the cost of the advertising spot for your space! (the only blog I know of -so far - that offers that as a payment option!)

Make sure you stop by her blog and become a fan so you can see what neat, new things are being added to Etsy.


  1. Hello! Stopping by to follow your blog. Have a wonderful week! :-)

    Carrie A Groff
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  2. Hi..I am a new follower. Will definitely be checking out your etsy shop,cute stuff!



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