Free Valentine's Day Banner Printable

I am not usually one for doing any major decorating for holidays other than Halloween and Christmas, but this year I am making a change!

My kids are at an age now {3 and 4.5} where they are excited for any and all holidays whether big or small ones. This next couple of weeks we will be doing various projects and crafts to create some kid-made Valentine's Day decorations.

BUT, I thought I would make one of my own! I will be assembling mine this weekend when the hubs is home to help keep the kids out of my crafting mess {yes, when I paper craft, it usually makes a mess... I have to see everything to put my plan together! hehe}.

I created a simple Valentine's Day banner printable for me, and figured I might as well share it with all of you too! Once I get mine put together I will post some pics so you can see what I did to embellish mine!

That's the great thing about simple printables... you can glam them up a bit!


{download here}

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If you use this printable and put your own banner together, post a picture to my facebook page! It's so fun to see all these printables in use!


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