Project Life - Are You Doing It!!?

Have you heard about Project Life? If not, you are absolutely in for a treat!

Becky Higgins - a stay at home mommy - started this idea a few years ago. Project Life is a way to help all of us scrapbookers who are super far behind in our scrapbooking  {raise your hand if that's you!} to have a much easier approach to documenting life.

You can use the supplies to create a photo-a-day scrapbook where you take a photo everyday for the entire year. Her specially designed photo pocket pages allow for you to create scrapbook page spreads of a week at a glance.

The core kit comes with journaling cards {for the center pockets on the pages} as well as a filler card for you to write the dates for that week, and smaller filler cards for any extra spaces.

- OR -

Use your album and the core kit to create specific albums for your wedding, honeymoon, pregnacy, baby's first year, school, etc..


Whether you are a scrapbooker or not, Project Life is simple enough for anyone to use. If you like the creative freedom the scrapbooking allow... well, guess what!?!? You can still do that with Project Life!

Ali Edwards {a graphic designer} has a fantastic blog where she posts about her take on Project Life. She takes full advantage of the various pocket page layout designs that Becky Higgins offers.


However, if you are not a scrapbooker but would still like to document either your daily life or the BIG events, you NOW have the option of creating digital photo books using Becky's designs on Shutterfly!

Currently the only designs available on Shutterfly are the Clementine and Turquoise Editions.

So, are you convinced that you need to start Project Life yet? Well, now is a great time to start. Get your family involved. Let your kids take some of the pictures or help to write some of the jouranling for the day.

I started Project Life last year {and unfortunately due to illness and holiday chaos I haven't quite finished all of my journaling yet}. My kids love to sit and look through the book and remember all of the fun things they did. Sometime I did a picture a day, sometimes I use the week's spread to hi-light the BIGGEST events of the week with several pictures.

For those of you in the U.S., Project Life products can be purchased on -- making it super easy!! Purchase only the products that you want! She has several different designs to choose from! Some of the products are currently sold out online but will be back in stock next month. So, if you are planning to start Project Life, start taking your pictures so that you are ready!


Is anyone already doing Project Life this year!? I would love to hear what your approach is. Are you a picture-a-day person!? Do you hi-light events from the week? Are you doing your wedding or pregnancy!?

Throughout the year I will be sharing some free printable desiged exclusively for Project Life!

Have a great weekend, and start taking those photos!!


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  1. I've watched fellow scrapbookers do Project Life for a few years now, since it first started, and I never did it... this year I'm finally doing it! I'm glad to see others doing Project Life as well! :)


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