How to Organize Baker's Twine

Baker's Twine is becoming not only a NEW favorite toy of mine... but also a big decorating and crafting phenomenon. Here are a couple of fun things I found that use baker's twine... 

A cute Valentine's card. 

Party favor tags. 

A mini wedding program. 

A thank you card.

I recently hopped on the wagon and bought my own twine. Mine came from The Twinery. Being new to the whole "twine thing" I chose a sample pack with all of their colors. This way I could see which one{s} I like love so I can buy more!! I have been using it in my packaging when I sell some of my KdBuggie Boutique products. 

They come in these cute little packages {15 yards each} with the name of the color on the paper band... that way I know which color is which for reordering. 

BUT, here's the downside. Although it is cutely packaged, it isn't really practical to keep them like this for everyday use. Here's what mine started to look like....

...all snarled and tangled... a real mess! So I set out for a better solution. I came across something like this a while back... but I have no idea where. {Sorry to whoever thought of this...}

I went to JoAnn's and bought 3 packages of 2" wooden spools {they are in with the wood crafting stuff}. They come 6 to a bag. I had 18 twine colors so I bought 3 packages - easy math!

Then I set to work untangling everything and winding them on my spools. I sat on the floor with the kids and we "watched" Peter Pan while I untangled and winded. My almost 5 year old helped by handing me the next color when I was finished with a spool. She very calmly asked, "Mom, when I grow up to be a mommy, do I have to work this hard?". I certainly hope not!! When I was done they looked like this:

Then I realized that my lid wouldn't fit on the top... and I want a lid to keep little fingers from being able to reach in, grab a spool and go un-winding cuh-razy {it happens a lot to my ribbon spools -- I find them all over the house!}. Not to mention it wasn't the cutest of containers... 

So, today I took the kids to Target and found this cute jar. Not quite what I was looking for, but at $6 I couldn't pass it up!!!

Plus... it has a screw on lid. It is technically a cracker jar... but in my case, it makes a GREAT twine jar!!

I got home, put my twine spools in there, and voila! the perfect storage solution!! I love that I can see all of the colors that I have. I also love that at some point - hopefully in the near future - when I am able to re-do my craft room I can place this beauty on a shelf for a little pop of color!! 

What projects do you use your baker's twine for? How do you store yours?? 


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  1. What a grand idea! I love the images showing how people use their baker's twine! I need to get more motivated with my craft!!

    :) Hazel


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