Mingle Monday - 6.4.2012

Ugh, it's been a busy week... sorry for my lack of posting... ok, for not posting at all! 
Monday was a holiday -- and my anniversary -- and Friday was my birthday. In between that I have been dealing with swollen feet, 85-90º weather {not bad unless you are a billion months pregnant -- like I feel}, and getting over a 3 week long cold that still hasn't entirely gone away.

I'm tired, I'm uncomfortable, and my darling hubby doesn't want to turn on the A/C... I'm a little moody... can you tell!?! 

I finally dragged myself off the couch and to my computer to have a chocolate re-energizing boost while I write this post before having to go make dinner. 

I know I will snap out of this funk... at least in the next 6 weeks. In fact, now when people ask me when me due date is, I don't even answer them with a date anymore ... instead I simple tell them the number of weeks I have left... hoping that will help to cheer my up a little! ☺ Sometimes it works. Anyone who has been pregnant -- especially in the summer months -- I'm sure can totally relate! 

I have a great tutorial for this week on how to create your own large photo canvas for less then $10!! I have to edit my pictures and get everything written and it will post this week! 

Here's a sneak preview:

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  2. I hope your last 6 weeks pass quickly. I hated being pregnant in the summer...it's horrible. But, wouldn't you know it, I had one in July the other in August. Never again! Thanks for hosting the blog hop :)

  3. oh no, I remember what it was like being pregnant in the summer months. Horrible I tell you so I feel your pain. Thank you for hosting and hope you start to feel better soon.

  4. I hope everything works out fine for you. The DIY Photo Canvas looks great. Thanks for hosting and have a great week.

  5. Hi! New follower here! Thanks for hosting. Please follow back if you have a moment! http://mjsproductreviews.blogspot.com

  6. Only 6 weeks to go! Hang in there. The canvases are so cute! Thanks for the hop!

  7. Thanks for the chance to link-up my blog :)


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