You know you're nearing the end of your pregnancy when ...

You know your nearing the end of you're pregnancy when ... 

... even your maternity shirts won't cover that belly anymore!

... you drop something on the floor and have a deep internal debate about whether or not you really need to pick it up or not.

... you only shave your legs on days you have dr.'s appointments.

... you laugh and your loving hubby asks if you peed a little. {yes, this one is sad, but true...}

... you look in your closet to figure out what to wear and it doesn't really matter because everything makes you look fat!

... you cry during Disney movies.

... you are still hot even with the a/c or fan on.

... you haven't seen your toes in months.

... you get weird stares from people in public places when your belly twitches and moves.

... the fastest you walk these days is on your way to the bathroom.

... you've been seeing your OB more than your husband.

... you feel like you have to scrub your house clean, but just the thought of doing it is exhausting so you take a nap instead.

... getting into your car is considered exercise.

... getting out of bed and taking a shower in the morning wears you out so much that you need a morning nap!

What else can you think of?!!? 


  1. You start to waddle ;)
    Your belly button is now telling you "DONE" like a Turkey
    U can only wear flip flops
    Just a few more ;) u looking good!

  2. You look really good, and oh I remember those last few weeks they were torture in a nice way :)

  3. Lol, this post gave me a giggle! I can sympathize with you for sure! I got really good at picking things up off the floor with my toes lol. And, I concur with Natalie's 'you can only wear flip flops' comment!
    You're looking great!


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