Craft Room Renovation Sneak Peek {fabric storage}

If you follow me on Pinterest you know that I have been pinning craft room inspiration since day 1! Like, literally!! 

Well guess what!?! I finally got a chance to redo my craft room, well... at least part of it ... for now! ha!

My sweet hubby decided to let me renovate because we are having a birthday party for our oldest in the next week and a half. He didn't want our friends (who haven't been to our home yet) to see my crafting space the way it has been for years!!! 

So, thank you to my daughter for turning 6 so I could fix my craft room!!! 

This is just a quick sneak peek though... so no specifics just yet. I know... it's mean... but I want to get it all done and photographed before sharing it all with you. 

So... stay tuned..... 

Room for full bolts of fabric for sale in my Etsy shop. 

Mini bolts for me to use for sewing projects.

More mini bolts for smaller pieces of fabric. 

Watch for another post with links to everything I used... plus more photos!!! 


{Updated - Here is the post with all of the links to everything I used to create this super organized fabric storage!}


  1. Beyond cute!

    The Hickman Five

  2. Aahhh! I'm so jealous! It looks fantastic!


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