FREE Nursery Art Printables {for boys and girls}

Baby #4 is due in a little less than 10 weeks and I am super busy putting together a "boys" room for him and my 5 year old son. Isn't it fun how you get totally motivated to get everything done right at the most difficult part of your pregnancy!?!?

Well, it's not easy trying to fit everything we need into a room that's only 10 feet x 11 feet and has only two walls of usable storage space... but I'm trying to make it work! I went through several paper sketches... did TONS of online window shopping as well as visiting furniture stores... and have pretty much got everything together.

Two weekends ago we got a new dresser that will also function as a changing table. SCORE!  After searching for months for something that is just the right size, we finally found it! {cue angel chorus} It is a gorgeous white dresser from a local furniture store. The drawers are self closing -- oooh... ahhhh -- and comes with removable drawer dividers for the larger drawers.

The only thing missing now for the changing station was a little bit of wall decor to fill up all that open space {and the changing pad cover that I have yet to make}! Here's what I created:

I love the way they are subtle, but a cute accent to the otherwise blank space on the wall! {P.S. Don't mind the dirty laundry... I hadn't gotten to it yet.} You can see a sneak peek at the striped curtains I sewed too! ♥

I created these two designs {based on a couple I have seen on Pinterest} to hang up in the boys room. Wall art really helps to set a mood, and a color scheme, for a room. Just because it's in a nursery or a child's bedroom doesn't mean it can't be meaningful and cute!

And yes... the pictures are actually straight on the wall. As I mentioned... it's a tiny room and is difficult to photograph... and it seems that nothing in my house is level because I used the level to get my pictures straight... and there are a good 5-6 nail holes behind one of the pictures {try not to judge me too harshly, lol} because what the level said was "level"... wasn't pleasing to the eye since nothing else was actually level in the room. :( Oh, the joys of living in an older home!!!

I will be sharing the alphabet printable later on... but for now you can download your own copy of the boy or girl printables.

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Since I love you gals {and guys} I put together a couple in several different colors.

 Want to get a hold of one for your little guy's bedroom? Or, put one in a cute frame and give it to an expecting mama for a super cute and trendy baby shower gift! Click on the links to download your own free 8x10 .png files.





AND.... not to leave out the girls... here are a couple colors with different wording for the little princess in your life! 





If you use these in your nursery or kids' room I would love to see it! Feel free to post it to my facebook page and share what you put together with everyone! Or email it to me at so I can share it! I LOVE to see how ya'll use the free stuff I make for ya!

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As always, please respect my designs and the fact that I can offer them for free to you. Don't share your file with anyone, please send them the link to this post so that they can download their own file. 

Colors may vary from computer to computer and from printer to printer. Just be aware of that when you go to print your images. If you choose to send them to a printer or to Costco (my photo printing venue of choice) just be sure to turn the auto-correct off.


  1. any chance you could share the ABC printable?

  2. any chance you could share the ABC printable

    1. Melissa,
      I will try and get it uploaded this week with all the links to the downloads. :) Thanks!!


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