Nursery Update: Muslin Crib Sheets and Changing Pad Covers - How To

If you have ever felt or owned anything by Aden and Anais you know how fantastic their products are. My first experience with them was about 2 years ago when baby #3 was born. I splurged and bought a package of their swaddle blankets. My daughter lived in them for several months!!! We still use them today (she's almost 20 months old). Well, one purchase led to another and so on until we now have a couple crib sheets and a couple changing pad covers. BUT, they can be pretty pricey {even when using coupons or shopping the clearance section -- which I do frequently!}.

This time around I am planning ahead. I tried my hand at making my own sheets and changing pad covers using the same soft muslin that Aden and Anais uses. The difference!?!? It only comes in solid colors... and it's WAY CHEAPER! It is also not called Muslin here in the US... that's an entirely different kind of fabric. Here it is known as cotton gauze... but it's exactly the same stuff!

I bought mine here at There are lots of colors to choose from and it is soft and easy to work with. Plus at less than $4 a yard it's totally worth experimenting with if you are looking to save some money! As always if you have at least $35 in your cart your fabric ships for free!

Here is how my changing pad cover turned out. I used the gauze in turquoise for this one.

{Here is the tutorial for the changing pad cover.}

Here is how the crib sheet turned out using the same turquoise gauze fabric.

{Here is my crib sheet tutorial.}

Here are some tips if you want to try making your own changing pad using the gauze fabric:

• It is listed as 52" wide fabric. Once I washed it, it shrunk to about 40" wide... but it could be stretched to about 48".
• I cut my rectangle for the changing pad cover using the width of my fabric as the larger measurement (because it stretched to be the right length). For the crib sheet I kept the width of the fabric as the smaller side of my rectangle piece.
• When I cut out my 8" corners, I stretched my fabric along that same side to cut it. My actual square I cut out was more like 6"x8" {a rectangle} instead of an 8" square. Then as I sewed the cut out sides to make the corner I stretched the fabric so it lined up with the 8" side as I sewed.
• You can serge your edges and fold it over to create your casing, but I found it sturdier to simply double fold the edge over to make the casing for my elastic.
• It fits perfectly and looks great!! 
I bought the same fabric is a light blue and an ivory and I can't wait to make a couple more sheets and changing pad covers! I LOVE saving money and I LOVE when I can make things myself!!!

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