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Any of you who have been around a while have seen posts about my Etsy shop. I've operated my Etsy shop for the last 10 years and it's been so much fun! I love being able to talk with customers and share my creations.

I've been searching for a way to blend my shop with my blog and haven't been able to quite figure out how, until now! I am so happy to announce the NEW shop that will work hand in hand with this blog.

The shop is still in the works, but you can hop over and check it out! I LOVE the way it's looking and am continually adding new products to get us to the official launch on 2/1/19. In the meantime, you can place orders and save 20% with coupon SPRING20. But guess what!? It gets better! We are now offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $50. Everyday. All day. Forever!

Here's a few questions and answers that I know you are probably thinking of... so I'm going to go ahead and answer them all now for ya!

Why a new shop?
I will still be operating my Etsy shop (for a while at least) AND the new shop. I love the new shop because it give us a lot more flexibility in the way we want to run things. On Etsy we are limited by the parameters and preset designs that they can offer us. On our new site, we have the freedom to do virtually whatever we want! I love having that freedom. It will also allow my some more time to spend with my sweet family. ♥

I thought you were closing your shop... 
If you followed me on Instagram you may have seen the post I did about needing to close up shop. While I was closed I did a lot of thinking, and a lot of my customers reached out to me asking if I would please sell more of my popular holiday pillows year round. So, I racked my brain trying to figure out how to make the best of both worlds: time with my family, and sharing what I love to do with all of you. My solution is this: my non-etsy online shop will be open year round. The Etsy shop will be open seasonally (at least through the Spring Line launch). I will ONLY be adding new products during season changes. There will be 3 launch dates (maybe 4) and that will be it for the year of my handmade products. BUT wait there's more ...

How is your shop blending with your blog? 
I look at my new shop as my Etsy shop and my blog getting together and having a baby. Weird analogy? maybe. My blog is a place where I love to share creative ideas with you. I put together recipes, craft ideas, and share inspiration. My Etsy shop is a place where I can sell products that I make. My NEW shop, is a place where I can sell handmade products AND supplies for anyone who wants to get creative on their own. I will be working hard to share tutorials, inspiration, and craft ideas using the products from my shop to help you (if you need it).  I am hoping to also be able to work on some YouTube tutorials as well. *crossing my fingers

When will it be open?
The shop is currently open for business, but the OFFICIAL LAUNCH date is February 1, 2019. I have a lot of fun products that will still be added to the shop, both finished products and supplies, and I am SO excited for it all to come together.

Where do you see everything going in the next few years?
My ultimate goal is to turn Naturally Creative Mama and Naturally Creative Home into a business where other moms and small businesses can share ideas and products. There are a lot of creative people out there who may need just a little bit of help making their products and brand known. I would love to be able to help them along that journey. I would love to find other creative mama's who can share some fun ideas and craft projects here on the blog. That is something on my to-do list...

I love my blog and my shop. It's a place for me to have the creative outlet that I CRAVE after a long day of being mom. I don't think I could every truly stop creating, and I hope that this new chapter of blog/business life will be something I can really pour my heart and soul into. You guys are the best! Please feel free to ask any questions as you think of them.

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