FRIDAY FREEBIE: Kids Plant Journal

We all know that the glorious Spring weather we've been dreaming about all Winter long is just around the corner. That means it's just about time to start planting seeds for vegetable or flower gardens (if you haven't already started).

This time of year is the perfect time to start a plant journal with your kids. It's especially a good time since we are all home trying to keep safe and healthy. Kids love to watch seeds sprout, even more so if it's one that they planted and have been watering.

You can use this to plant seeds for your garden inside to transplant later, or use the journal pages to track the growth of seeds you've planted outside in the ground, or in garden boxes (like my elevated garden box).

I put together ONE PDF file for the journal, but you can use your printer settings to print the page design that best suits your needs. In the file you will get a total of 4 pages. The first is the title page seen above. The next is a journal page with an entry for each day:

The third page is for a weekly entry:

The last page is left blank so you can title entries as they are written:

I designed the journal for children ages 4-10. Older kids could totally use it too though. I hope you and your kids/grandkids can have fun learning about the plant cycle and growing some fun veggies or flowers this season! 

Download your FREE Plant Journal below.

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