FRIDAY FREEBIE: Together is our Favorite Place to Be

With the self quarantine recommendation all over the country (US), we are all spending A LOT more time together with our families. While it may not be fun all the time, rest assured you are in good company. Most of us stay at home moms who have been plunged into the home schooling world are right there in the trenches with you. 

As a mom of 4 (one now a teenager), everyday isn't exactly picture perfect. There have been lots of tears, some yelling (though I hate to admit it), fighting, time outs, and whining. BUT, there have also been extra snuggles, more family games, and more of us coming together to try and get through this hard part of life right now. 

All that to say, that today felt like the perfect day to start a new series here on the blog. I'm calling it FRIDAY FREEBIE. What it means is that every Friday (because I will probably only be able to post to the blog on Fridays until kids go back to school...) I will be sharing a freebie. It may be a craft project, a how to, a printable, or anything else I can come up with that I think you guys might enjoy. 

Today's FREEBIE is a printable, an svg, and instructions on how to easily turn it into a wood sign! So, let's get started. 

First of all, you will need to download the files. I put them together in a zipped folder. Once you download your files you will need to unzip them to use them. 

You can print out your file at whatever size you want/need it. Use your favorite computer program to rezise it. I used Microsoft Publisher to resize mine for a wood sign I was making with it. If you want it larger than 8.5"x11" you can either tape multiple pages together (which I did) or you can send it to a print shop. 

I took my taped and printed wording and centered it where I wanted it on a piece of MDF that I had already painted with my white background color. I like to tape it on the top so that the tape acts as a hinge while I trace the image onto my sign. 

I purchased a pack of tracing graphite paper from Amazon... and trust me... it takes a LONG time to go through it. You can use a sheet for multiple projects. Just use your pencil and trace over the lettering. 

IF you don't have tracing paper, you can use the side of your pencil and color over the BACK of your printed paper -- make sure that you color over all of the words. Then when you trace over the lettering on the right side of the paper, the pencil on the back will transfer your image. I did it that way for YEARS!

Next, you have a few options. If you are really good with a paint brush, you can use craft paint and your brush to fill in the lettering that you have traced on your wood. I am NOT that good at small detailed painting... so I opt for a paint marker. My new favorite marker is the Sharpie Water Based Paint Marker. I only have the medium point tip, but I know they come in several sizes. You can get them on Amazon or at a craft store. 

I like to use a scrap piece of paper to rest my hand on as I "paint". It keeps my hand from smudging the traced image. 

When I paint on my lettering, I like to work left to right and top to bottom, that way I don't smear anything as I work. I do a letter at a time and trace around the outside, then fill in the middle. 

The smaller letters are hard if you have a chunky marker like I do... but remember, when you do anything by hand it will NEVER look the same as the printed version... unless you are a robot

I left the edge of my wood raw because I'm going to be adding a wood frame to it and want the glue to adhere well. Plus, it makes it easier to stop before you get to the edge when painting the background color, so you can make sure it doesn't get all of the side edge of your wood. 

In case you are brainstorming some other ideas... this would be a great tutorial to put this design on a pillow cover, a fabric wall hanging, or just to print and frame in your living room!

Print a BIG version at your local print shop and frame it, or paint it on a large piece of wood and create a beautiful bedroom sign. 

Print it at home or your local photo shop and frame it for your home.

Or use your vinyl cutter and some fabric paint, or just tracing paper and fabric markers, to create a fun throw pillow! 

If you aren't ready to use yours today, be sure to Pin It for later!

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