Do I Really Have to Go? Printable BINGO Cards

Tell me I am not the only one who dreads taking kids out to run errands.... I love spending time with my children, don't get me wrong, but for some reason, the second we get out in public they turn in to different little people. 

They whine, they fight, they're hungry, they're bored, they don't want to go, their feet hurt, someone poked them, "they're looking at me"... and so on. Today I had to take my kiddos out for a quick errand, so I thought I'd make something fun for them to do while I shop.

If you have little ones who can't yet read, I created two picture BINGO cards too. You may need to go over some of the pictures with them, but they can use their imagination too! 

You can download your PDF of 10 different BINGO cards (including 8 for older kids and two with pictures for little ones) by clicking on the link HERE.

Since we are currently dealing with a COVID-19 pandemic, and stores are starting to carry holiday items, I have included those kinds of things on the BINGO cards. The PDF file hbas two bingo cards per page so they are easy for your children to carry around in the store with them. Print out as many cards as you like! 

If you are looking to create something on your own, CANVA has tons of fun BINGO card templates. 

Hopefully your little ones can have as much fun playing as mine did! It definitely makes shopping trips more fun. 

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