Opinions {welcome} NEEDED!

We have been working on some new products for our Etsy shop, but we are torn as to how we are feeling about them. We would ab-so-lutely LOVE some input from our readers!! Please feel free to give use your opinion....

Our latest creation in a punkified heart onsie. Of course it can be made into a toddler tee as well {just haven't been able to get that one made yet... it's been a busy week}.

Here are some ouf our thoughts so far... but we would love to hear yours!
{1} The embroidered design thread should match the fabric colors.
{2} Can be customized - add a name under the heart.
{3} Maybe a star for little boys!?!

We are torn as to develop this idea further or to scrap it! Is it something that you would consider buying for your child/teen or to give as a gift? Price range would be about $10-15 including customization. Sizes available would be 0-3 month, 3-6 months, 6-9 months, 9-12 months, 18 months, 2T-5T {and maybe beyond!?}

So, what do you think!!? Yay or Nay!?


  1. I think it is a cute idea. I like the idea of a heart. You could do many different shapes and colors that girls and boys could chose from. I don't know if it would be a big hit with boys because it seems more girly to me. Very cute idea.

  2. Cute. I think that making it customizable it a great idea and so is the star idea for boys. Maybe, you all could do other shapes like birds, flowers, guitars, etc.


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