Tutorial: How to Make a Hand Towel Loop

One thing I have come to realize in my kitchen, is the complete lack of a place near my sink to hang a towel. You know, you wash your hands off after doing dishes and want a towel to dry them on.

{Notice the paint swatches on the wall? Ya, still haven't decided on a color yet... terrible isn't it?}

Well, for me, I have to walk across the kitchen {dripping water the entire way} to the oven where my hand towel hangs. Quite frankly, I was getting a little tired of drying my hands, then having to dry the floor! So, I came up with a solution...

Using one of those nifty Command Hooks, I attached a hook to the side of my cabinet above my sink. {I didn't want something permanent so the Command Hook was perfect!} Then I added a fabric loop to my towel and ta da! Now I have a hand towel next to the sink! No more water drip trail across the kitchen!

Want to make your own? Here's how I did it:

• Hand towels {I got mine from Target - they are actually Bar Mop towels}
• scrap of fabric {at least 2"x3.5" for each towel}
• sewing machine, thread, and scissors

Start by cutting your scrap rectangles. Mine were approximately 2"x3.5". Adjust the size of yours depending on how wide you would like your loop.

You can use an iron for this step, but I did it without. {I was too lazy to get mine out... ya, I know!} Fold the long sides of your rectangle towards the center. Then fold your smaller rectangle in half - length wise. Now use your sewing machine and sew a straight line along the open side of your rectangle - as close as you can to the edge. No need to double stitch the ends.

Now you need to decide which side of your towel the loop will go on. I wanted mine on the longer side so that when it hung it was shorter. Lucky for me, my towels had a really nice crease right down the center where I wanted my hook. If yours doesn't, fold it in half and iron it to create a crease.

Then, grab your sewn rectangle. Fold down one end about 1/4 of an inch. Place it folded edge down {so you don't see the rough end} on the top side of your crease. {Feel free to pin if you like... I like to be sans pin when possible.} Line up the raw edge of the underneath of your loop with the edge - or close to the edge - of your towel. Then stitch and back stitch that piece in place as close to the edge of your towel that you can.

For the second side of your loop, grab the top of your rectangle and fold under the rough end. Then place that rough edge on the bottom side of the crease in your towel. The two ends of your loop should match up leaving you a nice little loop! Then sew away!

Your finished loop should look like this.

Now go back and stitch a second line on the bottom end of your loop - just to make sure it stays put!

Your finished loop should look like this! Nice and snug. Ready for a house full of little kids!

Now, make a couple more! These came in a 3-pack for only $3.99. A totally awesome deal for such absorbant towels! They are a little smaller than hand towels too, making them perfect for my space.

Once your hook is ready to use... hang up your towel, and start drying!

You could absolutely use this same idea in your laundry room, bathroom, mudroom, or wherever else you might need a nice hand towel. OR add loops to your bath towels so you can hang them from hooks in your bathroom! So many possibilities!

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