Mingle Monday 8.22.2011

Welcome to another fun filled week of Mingle Monday!!! Yes, you DO have the right blog... it just got a makeover!
Scroll down to see all the fun changes that have been made on this blog over the last week. I think it's finally at a point where I am happy with it.. yay! But, a new blog makeover means my Mingle Monday button got a makeover too! If you don't already have a Mingle Monday button, now's the time to grab one!


Make sure you are a GFC follower {on the right sidebar}.
Add your blog to the linky list.
Visit whomever you want making sure you tell them you are visiting from Mingle Monday!
Be nice, and have fun!

{*Open to family friendly blogs only, PLEASE!}


  1. Your GFC isn't working right now - will try to come back and make sure I'm following you :)

    Thanks for the hop!

    <3-Cami from First Day of My Life

  2. For me your banner is only half there. It is cut off??? I tried to refresh to see if it would fix itself but no luck. Just wanted you to be aware of this. Hope it is all fixed soon.

  3. @Praises: I think I gixed it. It was a problem in Firefox. Looks ok now. Hope you can see it all! :) Thanks for the heads up!

  4. A new look is often as good as a rest!! Lovely new look.

    Have a great day, CJ xx

  5. The new look is great and very traquil. I just wanted to invite you to stop by my Canning Week Blog Party. We will be daily posting recipes, tips, linkys and give-a-ways all related to canning. It should be a great time and I hope you can join in the fun!! http://alattewithotta.blogspot.com

  6. Just linked up, but like the rest, am having trouble finding your GFC widget. Will you let me know when it's up and running so I can be sure to follow you? Thanks for hosting!

  7. Hi. I linked up, but I did not see your GFC. Please visit me at Free eBooks Daily
    http://www.freeebooksdaily.com and let me know where to find your GFC. Did not see on the right sidebar. Thanks!


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