12 Days of Christmas - Day 4: Salt Dough Ornaments

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 It's that Time of the year for us to make our Dough Ornaments. We have been making these for about 5 years .
It's a great way to change up your look from year to year and a great way to get the kiddo's involved. But the biggest bonus is ... it saves a lot of money :)

Plus, it's super easy to do!!

Salt Dough Ornaments
You will need:

  • 4 cups of flour
  • 1  1/2  Cups warm water 
  • 1 cup salt 
  • rolling pin
  • cookie cutters
  • cookie sheets
  • Wire Hangers ( Found mine at the dollar store )

I like to dissolve the salt in the warm water for just a min , then add the flour and knead for about 15 mins.
( it helps to get hands a little damp if it needed) 

Rub some flour on the surface you plan to roll it out on to help it from sticking .

Roll out the dough until it is about 1/4" thick.   

Use holiday cookie cutters to cut out the shapes you want. OR... use a knife to cut shapes if you don't have cutters.
(the owl and small star are from the boys play dough stash. A great resource for some good shapes!)

Make sure to poke a hole in the top of the shapes where you want the hanger to go.  I used the tip of an ink pen to make my holes.

I got about 35 ornaments out of this batch of dough.  

Pre-heat your oven to 325ºF and cook for about 30 mins. 
I let them sit for about 3 hours to cool before painting. 

Now for the FUN! part Create!

Hmmm...... I actually took his paint and rubbed it all over his face! ( oh my Correction! I meant HE not I, I would NOT do that lol )

it's so much fun! I just love it 

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Thanks so much Brooke for sharing this fun idea! In addition to decorating your own tree, why not give some away!? Wouldn't they make a cute gift for a school teacher, or a neighbor? Since it has a hole in the top for hanging, you could simply tie on onto the Christmas gifts you are giving this year with a simple
" the ______ Family"
message on them. So cute!

I can't wait to make some of our own. My kids would love to paint their own ornaments.


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  1. How fun! Thanks for sharing. Your kids' ornaments turned out really cute!


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