OMG.... A Little... no Make the A LOT of catching up to do!!

So, the holidays totally took over for the last week or so, and my blogging has taken a hiatis. I am finally starting to feel a little better and I am definitely looking forward to sharing both an explanation as well as some exciting news!!

I hope you all ha a wonderful holiday celebration and that you were able to spend some quality family time as we were!

•  •  •

Now, for a little A LOT of catching up!!!

I still have not heard from my winners, so I am picking new ones!

Chenille Blanket winner: #17 Natalie {sent you an email}

Rhinestone Flower clip and headband: #2 Macey {sent you an email}

Thirty-One Tote Bag: #15 Maureen: I love the market thermal tote in circle spirals. How cool would that be to take to the supermarket? {sent you an email}

All winners have 48 hours to return my emails or new winners will be announced!


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