12 Days of Christmas - Day 5: Holiday Gift Checklist {freebie}

How many of you {or me for that matter} have ever accidentally left someone off the holiday shopping list!?! Have you ever shown up to a party and realized ... oh shoot ... I forgot to get something for so and so!?! I know I have!

I created a checklist to use this year so I don't forget anyone, and I am sharing it with you!

{download here}

I have left spaces for your to write the names of everyone you need to shop for this year, the gift you are getting them, and the price of the gift {great if you are working with a budget}. Then you can keep track of whether or not the gift has been bought, wrapped, and shipped or delivered.

Print out as many as you want! It is yours to keep for-ev-er! Use it again next year! Use it year round for birthdays {just white out or cover the word "Holiday"}.

Don't forget anyone this year!

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