Craft Room Renovation Plans

The only thing I am asking for this Mother's Day is a new work space in my craft room. What I have now works ok, but I would love, LOVE, LOVE  to have something that could be a little more functional {especially with a new baby in the house}.

Here's what I have come up with:

... and because I can't just leave it that way, I added some color! 

This is just one wall in my craft space. BUT since it is the only wall with no windows, it makes the most sense to put the bulk of my storage and workspace here! I created these plans using 2 of the white Billy Bookcases {15" depth} from IKEA. I am hoping to talk the hubby into just buying these versus trying to make our own -- since these are already painted -- hehe!!

They create the fabric and finished product storage for me. Since I am going to be storing BOLTS of fabric in the bottom of each one, I will have 4 extra shelves {that will be taken out to make room for the bolts}. 

With my hubby's know-how and the extra shelves, I my hubby will build a smaller half shelf to store other supplies {scrapbooking, flowers, etc.} on the right of the second bookshelf. IKEA doesn't sell 15" deep smaller bookshelves, but since I will have extra shelves we will just create our own. ♥

Then... my favorite part.... the workbench!! I have been keeping my cutting mat on the floor in my craft space. Which, up until about now, has been totally fine. BUT, with my big 'ole pregnant belly I am finding it just a tad tricky to get up and down off the floor, not to mention maneuver around to trim and pin fabric. 

So, the hubs is going to build me a workbench for me to keep my cutting mat on. I would love to have the back end {the side where there are no bookcases} to hang over the edge far enough that the kids could pull chairs up and use it as a craft/homework area for them too. 

Did you notice the hanging storage?? I am hoping to get something like this from IKEA. 

to use for holding my scissors, pins, rotary cutters, rulers, fabric pens, etc.. That way it is all within reach of where I need it for pinning and cutting fabric. PLUS, the underneath of my workbench will be mostly open {debating about adding a small storage space} so that I could pull up a chair to work there too! 

On the opposite wall from the workbench {across my craft room} is my sewing desk. I am working to make the opening between the edge of my desk and the edge of my workbench small enough to be able to put up a baby gate... to keep little hands and toys out of it. I share a HUGE room with the kids. It is our office/craft room/playroom. 

This weekend we are hoping to go out and do some shopping to start the project. PLUS finish installing the baseboards here in this great room. Wish us luck!!! 

I will absolutely post progress pictures once we get started. I am sooooo excited!!!

What are you up to this weekend? Have you ever done a MAJOR renovation like this?! 


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