Memorial Day is Extra Special This Year

Memorial Day is a special day each year because we get to honor those who have fought to keep our country free. It's a time to reflect upon our citizenship, and to appreciate this wonderful country that we live in.

This year, it has another special meaning to my family. Today is also my grandmother's 92nd birthday! I am her first grandchild, and gave her the first great-grandchildren. My grandma and I have birthdays that are only 5 days apart, so in my family we have always had joint birthday celebrations. But, since she turned 90, we have made it a point to celebrate her birthday all by itself every year. My birthday gets overlooked most of the time, but I have lots more birthdays to celebrate so I won't complain.

My grandma has been through a lot in her lifetime. She has so much experience that I sometimes wish I could just sit and talk with her all day long! Her mind is as sharp as ever, and she's funny! She can be stubborn for sure, but we love her for it. 
When she turned 90 years old we threw her a big party. We invited friends and family, had delicious food, and decorated simply with flowers and photos of her.

For her 89th birthday, I created a photo/memory book. Instead of making a scrapbook, I used a ring to connect the pages together. This way I could add more pages. I shared a post about how I created a special little memory/photo book for her using Project Life Cards. Each year since then I have created a new double-sided page for her book on her birthday. This year, I let my kids decorate a card each and write her a special message. 

This year's shin-dig isn't as big, but every birthday of hers is special! Love you grandma!!!! 

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