New Graphic Tees - Just in Time for Mother's Day!

Introducing our new line of t-shirts! Yep... we have created one of a kind tees just for you! What makes our tees better than the million other tees out there? Well, I'm glad you asked...

Our graphic tees were handpicked for a few reasons:

  • we love the soft, comfy fabric. We hunted for the perfect fabric make-up and finally found it! 
  • we love the fit. Our tees are a unisex cut which means they are loose fitting and perfect for chasing toddlers around or sitting in endless carpool lines for after school pick up. 
  • we love our process. Each tee is custom made for YOU. You get the design and the color you want, not just whatever is available. 
  • we love our printer. We work with a printer that digitally prints our designs into the fabric fibers of our tees. This means the design is perfect every time. It won't crack or fade. 
  • we love that it's easy. Our printing process means that you don't have to take any special care in washing your tees. They are washing machine and dryer friendly. It doesn't get any easier than that! 

Here's a peek at a few of our favorites from the collection ...

Tell me I'm not the only one that creates those awkward moments in conversation... no? Just me... o-kay then ...


Around here, you guys know just how much we LOVE to DIY. I would DIY all day, every day, if I could... but kids... 

My kiddos know this for sure. You know that look that moms do... the one where you don't have a say a word and your little ones know exactly what you are saying. Yup. It's a gift.

This one hits home for sure. Whether it's calling a kids by the wrong name, putting on two different socks because you are so sleep deprived, or accidentally putting your keys in the fridge when you meant to put something else in there... ya... speaking from experience on that last one ...

Some days all you can do is just survive. Am I right? Doesn't it make you smile sometimes when you are shopping and see other moms handling their toddler tantrums in the store. You instantly feel connected to that poor mama... I'll admit that there are times when I tell moms to just hang in there, or that they're doing a great job. We all have to stick together in this crazy thing called Motherhood. Solidarity sisters!

For those times when you have it all together... or at least you think you do until you remember that you were supposed to bake brownies for the PTA bake sale today. Oops! Either way, you are totally rocking this Mama Life!

Right now you can save $5 off each tee you order from our shop. Head on over and click the bar on the top of our site to add the discount to your cart automatically. Grab a tee or two and brighten another mama's day.

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