How to Organize That Counter Clutter 101

We have a HUGE problem in our home of papers piling up on counters... tables.. and any other flat surfaces. It's a terrible epidemic. Once someone puts some papers down... then everyone does it and soon we are "drowning" in piles of paper!!

A while back I implemented this system:


It was functional, but wasn't all that pretty. 

Then I created a similar one (that I wish I had a picture of when I first set it up) that used a cute white metal file folder holder and some cute file folders... but here is what it had become:

I still love the clean look of the wire holder, and the colorful folders... but to be honest... it wasn't working. It was a good idea though, and for a while it still looked nice and pretty. So, it was back to the drawing board on how to keep these papers organized! 

Here is how my little "station" looks now:

Still nice and clean.... and those files are contained in a cute decorative file box that I found at Target. I changed out the pictures in my white organizer to keep with the color scheme I had going. I made them using one of the file folders from my old organizer because the colors went perfectly together! 

My white organizer is home to my information binder (it sits in the middle slot... but my hubby took it to work today to pay bills... so pretend it's there!), along with some important papers that wouldn't fit in the file folder box (too large) and a couple of spiral notebooks that I take to meetings for note-taking. 

Want to take a peek inside my file box? Of course you do!

Inside I have files for each family member. In these files I keep important paper such as:
• immunization records
• school information papers
• church record information
• allergy information (for my son)
• important papers from the doctor
• and miscellaneous paperwork that needs to be saved

I also have a file for all of our gift cards and important coupons that I want to save (which we are always searching for), a file that holds recipes  (that I mis-spelled on my label, bummer) that I have taken out of magazines that I want to try, and one that keeps track of lesson ideas for our family home evening night on Mondays {we study church principles and spend time together as a family}. 

Since this cute box holds hanging files, I can fill them up and they won't flop over -- like in my cute white file folder holder -- and when I don't need access to my files, I can close the lid and it stays nice, clean, and organized! 

You can find file boxes in so many different designs and colors that you are sure to find one that matches your decor. It is an awesome way to store your important information in an easy to get to place that doesn't leave your paperwork out in plain sight. AND... the best part is... no more piles of papers!!! 

How do you store your papers? Do you have a system to keep those clutter piles at bay??

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