Ticket System for Chores -- LOVE IT!!

I don't know if anyone else has this problem... but we have tried everything and I mean everything to try and get our kiddos to do chores around the house. I've tried chore charts, letting them choose their own chores, rewards for chores completed, and just about anything else.... except this! This time my kids are actually excited to do their chores... if you can believe it! Why? I think it's because it gives them some ownership. This system allows them to choose the chores they want so that they can "pay" for the privileges they want to have.

With baby number four due on Mother's Day this year, I wanted to create a system that will keep them motivated, keep my house clean {since I'm getting to the point in my pregnancy where it's getting tougher and tougher to do it myself}, and make it a habit so that once our little boy is here it is already in place and can run like clockwork!!

Here Is How It Works

The kids each have their own container to house their tickets... currently we are using those green baskets that you get when you buy strawberries (because if they drop, it's okay and the kids can't really break them -- which is important in my house!).

They can earn tickets by doing a chore of their choosing. Each chore has a certain number of tickets associated with it that they can earn by completing the chore {to be inspected by me of course}. They range from one to four tickets based on difficulty and time required to complete the chore. Here is the sample list that we are using.

The privilege list is two fold! Either the kids are going to do their chores to be able to do the things on the list keeping our house clean and organized.... or they will be spending A LOT less time in front of the tv and computer. Win-win for me!!! 

Of course... I am high keeper of the tickets and therefore responsible for chore inspection. My kids are 6, 5, and 18 months. The little one won't be doing much in the way of chores... but the big two are more than capable of handling all of the chores on the list -- possibly with some instruction -- and are old enough to make decisions based on what they want to earn with their tickets. They get the greatest motivation out of being able to make their own decisions. Using this ticket system they can not only choose their chore, but they get to choose how to spend their tickets. Double bonus!! 

Want to download your own blank tickets to use!? 
Get yours for free here.

I printed it on colored card stock and cut them out. The card stock will make them a little more durable than if it were just printed on computer paper. You can color code your tickets for each child, or leave them all the same color {which is what I did since I had a bunch of green card stock on hand}.

When one of my kids wants to watch tv or a movie, play on the computer, go on a "date" with mom and dad, or any of the other choices, they will need to count out their tickets {math skills} and turn them in. Then, depending on what they choose,  we set a timer {math again} and they can do the activity until the timer goes off.

Now is the hard part... sticking to it! 

What chore systems do you use for your kids? Anyone have something that really works!?! 

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  1. My kids are pretty good at keeping up with things. But I love this idea!


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