Kids Cleaning Buckets

With baby number four on the way (16 weeks to go... but who's counting, lol!!) I'm getting to the point where cleaning and picking things up off the floor are a real chore. I know... they are chores anyways.. but I'm talking a serious chore for me here!!

The other day I came across my new favorite blog. Ever. It's called Clean Mama. If you haven't checked it out, or if you haven't even heard of it, now is the time to take a look. It has made me more motivated to get my house clean and in order before this new one is born... hoping that if I can get it clean (a good deep clean) and keep up with a cleaning schedule that it will make things a little easier.

This mam is seriously organized! I scrolled through her past posts and drooled at every picture. She has a section of free printables too which you absolutely need to check out! I used one of her printables to create cleaning buckets for my two oldest kiddos. They got to pick out some of their own supplies which got them really excited about using them! Kids excited about cleaning? I LOVE it!!!

Here is what each bucket looks like. My kids can be very possessive of their things so to make it easy, their buckets are color coordinated. Now when we wash the towels after using them we can be sure that their towels go back in their bucket.

I found these cute organizing buckets at the Dollar Tree. They have so many containers to choose from, but I loved that these had compartments. On this side are two cleaning lists and a scrubber sponge. One cleaning list has pictures, the other words. Both of these are from Clean Mama and are free! I downloaded and printed the file on card stock, then laminated them so the kids can use dry erase markers to check off their completed tasks!

The lists are a little different. The picture list is meant for younger children and the words for older kids that can do more complicated chores. ♥

On the other side of the bucket I have a couple microfiber towels (again from the Dollar Tree) and a spray bottle with non-toxic cleaner mixed with some water in it (spray bottles from the Dollar Tree too). When kids are cleaning you MUST use non-toxic cleaners!! I got mine from Target (it is a J.R. Watkins all purpose cleaner) for only $3.50. By mixing it with the water it will last a little longer too ... since kids like to spray cleaner.

Behind each sponge (which also color coordinates with the bucket by the way...) is a swiffer duster. You can see how each bucket is set up in these photos.

My plan is to make Saturday mornings a "cleaning" day, since it's the only day everyone is home. I have a cleaning routine where I do all the big stuff during the week (dishes, trash, laundry, etc.) and the kids can help with the little things on the weekend when they aren't swamped with homework!

How do you teach your kids to clean? Do you have a cleaning routine? I would love to hear about it!

Have a great weekend!

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