Brazilian Blowout Review

If you haven't heard of this yet you will be amazed!!! It takes curly, frizzy hair and makes it perfectly straight!!! The best part is that it does NO DAMAGE to your hair. It lasts for about 12 weeks, but as long as you use the specific shampoo and conditioner that is recommended, your hair stays frizz free for those 12 weeks.

Now, for anyone like me who tends to have HUGE hair, this is a Godsend!!! After much debate I gave into the tempation of it this last weekend. The process takes about 90 minutes from start to finish. The only think about it that I didn't like was that the chemicals were irritating my eyes so I had to close them most of the time. But it wasn't too bad.

Here is my before picture:

(As you can tell I was also in desperate need of a color fix!)
And here is the after picture:
What a difference, huh? I am really thrilled with the way it turned out -- and so glad that I had it done! One of the best parts about the whole thing is that you don't have to wait to get your hair wet or to wash it. You can take a shower and wash your hair right afterwards if you want! How great is that!!?!!

Today is day 2 after having it done. This morning I woke up, took and shower and let my hair dry naturally! It has a little wave to it, but it is straight!! NO MORE FRIZZ!!!

I highly recommend it for anyone who is tired of spending for-ev-er getting their frizzy hair ready and presentable in the mornings! Take a look at the Brazilian Blowout website to find a shop near you that does it.


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