Mingle Mondays - 7/5/10

Happy 4th of July, and a super Monday to everyone!!!

This is my very first blog hop, so I hope it goes well!

Here's what you do:

1. Become a follower of my blog -- if you aren't already.

2. Make sure to grab my Mingle Mondays button and put it on your blog so you remember to come back on Mondays! :)

3. Add your name/site to my linky list!

4. Add my linky to your blog so that all of your new visitors have somewhere to leave you a comment! :)

5. Visit as many blogs as you want! This is a great way for everyone to get more followers and make new friends!

6. Leave me a comment! I love getting comments. If you are visiting, let me know that you stopped by so I can take a look at your fun blog!

Starting with next weeks blog hop, I will be featuring one lucky blog each week!


  1. I have already been following you! Thanks for hosting!

  2. I am now following you. I am also adding your Mingle Monday to my Linky Love Library Page on my blog! Thanks for hosting :)

    ~Lori S.

  3. Hi, Following you Back! I love these blog hops...you meet so many really neat people!


  4. Hope you had a great 4th of July! Sorry for taking so long to come back and say hi!


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