Fabric Closet Makeover

I have a new addiction. Fabric. I love getting new fabric and brainstorming all the fun things I could make with it. But, it has started to take over my house. A couple months ago I got these really cool standing closets from some friends who were moving across the country. I decided to make them my fabric and finished KdBuggie Boutique products closets. Even still ... I felt completely unorganized... until yesterday!! I found a tutorial from The Little Green Bean on how to make your own mini fabric bolts ... and I took my fabric closet from this:
To this!!!

I absolutely love it!!! I can totally see all the fabric I have at a quick glance. I haven't organized it exactly the way I want it yet... and I need to go buy more supplies to make more mini bolts... but it is definitely the start of something great!!!


  1. That is an awesome makeover! Do you make house visits? I am your newest follower through Welcome Wednesday!


  2. That looks great! Hey Mama2Lilev I was going to ask her to come help me out too! lol... I collect fabric, but don't really know how to sew yet! I'm following via Fun Follow Friday!

  3. I'm here from New Friend Friday and I absolutely LOVE your closet makeover! Can you come over and do mine next....

  4. That looks so impressive, It is awesome!


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