This Week's Sneak Peek!

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Don't you just LOVE being the first to know stuff??? I do. It doesn't really matter what the information is... it's just nice to be first! Well... here is a chance for you to be first. These new blankets will be hitting my etsy store in the next couple days. All are snuggle soft, light-weight flannel receiving blankets (X-large). They measures about 40" square... some a little larger. Here is a quick snapshot to intrigue you....

... and yes... you do see flames!! Not exactly my style, but I know there are people out there who love flames and skulls and all that stuff!!!! So, I added that one in for YOU!
Some will be sets, others will be single blankets sold. If you are interested in buying any before they make it to the store, let me know... I'll give you a 10% discount!!! Email me at


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