Kids Closet Dividers

Just about every time I go to Target or Wal-mart {mostly Target though} I check out the kid's sections and their clearance racks! Sometimes they have super great deals! If you remember this post, you know that I scored some really cute skirts for my little girl for just a couple of bucks!

I was at my local Target the other day, browsing the clearance section, and couldn't pass up a great deal {my hubby may argue otherwise}. I found some t-shirts for my little guy for just over $1. I bought one in every style they had in a 4T. My little guy currently wears between a 2T and a 3T. So, why did I buy a 4T?!?! I am thinking ahead!

This is where my hubby and I disagree. He is an accountant {a CPA in fact} and thinks that spending money is not a good deal. So, when I tell him {all excited about my "steal"} he just rolls his eyes. Me, on the other hand, I know how worn my sons clothes become. I also know, since I do just about all the clothes shopping for my house, that the price of clothing is not cheap! My son already has enough 2T and 3T clothing {since we got some hand-me-downs - which I LOVE}, so I thought ahead and purchased them in the next size up! He'll need them anyway... why not spend $5 now and hold on to them instead of $25 later!! Good idea, right!??!

Now that I have these clothes though, what do I do with them!?

 I decided, what I will do, is to store the "too big" clothes in his closet. This way I can see what I have, and I know what - if anything else - I need to buy to have for him when he out grows his current size!

I designed these closet size dividers to do just that! I printed them on heavy 110 lb. card stock, cut them out, and voila! Then I just sorted all of his clothes and stuck them behind the corresponding divider.

Normally I only hang up nice collared shirts, sweatshirts, and jackets. BUT, since I don't want to stuff his dresser drawers to over flowing with all sized clothing, I am hanging up everything  in the larger sizes in the closet.

Here's your chance to do the same! I put together 2 files - pink and teal - with dividers sized from preemie to 5T. To make your own, just download the file, open the PDF, and print them on whatever kind of paper you would like. Then, cut around the outside circle, up the middle {the white rectangle} and around the white circle so that it looks like a donut with an opening on the bottom. If you want them to last a long time, have them laminated!

Enjoy! Feel free to share the link to this post on your blogs. Just make sure that any post you make links back to my blog and this post! Thanks!!


  1. Just exactly what I need. Thanks for the template. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on buying them at the store.

  2. I was about to buy the Delta nursery storage set from Walmart, but I couldn't justify spending $35 on cheap quality items. Used your pink template and bought cuter storage bins from the Dollar Tree. Thank you for sharing :)

    1. You are welcome! Glad it helped save you some money! :)


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