Playroom Organization - Labels

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Need a little playroom organizing inspiration? Here's how we organize most of our toys!

Most of the kids' toys are kept in these drawer units. {purchased from Target or Walmart} But, I ran in to trouble having my kids clean up because they didn't know which drawers things went in.

So, I created labels using Publisher. I searched Google Images for actual pictures of the toys my kids have. Then I added text under the pictures in Microsoft Publisher to create the labels.

 I printed the labels on regular computer paper, and cut them out. Then I used clear packaging tape to attach the cut out "labels" to each drawer. I just taped the labels {across the top of the paper} to the drawers. The paper label part isn't actually stuck on the drawer. I also totally love these drawers because they are clear! The kids, and I, can see what is in each drawer in addition to having the labels!

The great thing about using the packaging tape is that the labels are easy to take off when you need to relable your drawers. Plus, because it has both a picture and the text, my kids can work on letter recognition and learning that those letters stand for something {the pictures}.

Cleaning the playroom has become much easier for the kids -- and for my hubby who insisted for so long that he couldn't help clean up because he didn't know where anything went.

Now, no excuses!

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  1. We have two of these for our girls room used to store diapers, wipes, socks, hairbows, etc. Only we spray painted them PINK, love them now! :)


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