Soft Pillow Slip Cover Tutorial

I have two small throw pillows that are old, and a definitely don't go with my house decor anymore. I bought them several years ago with a couch slipcover, but the cover has since been donated and the couch is gone! I hung on to the pillows though because they are nice fluffy, large, pillows! I figured I would get around to doing something with them someday... and that day finally came! YAY!

Each are removable covers that can be machine washed -- thank goodness since I made them as TV and reading pillows for my kiddos!

Want to make your own?

Here's how:

• Fabric -- 1/2 yd for each side {depending on the size of your pillow}
• sewing machine, thread, pins, scissors
• iron, ironing board
• rotary cutter, board, and ruler {if you have it}

Measure you pillow. Grab your pillow front fabric and cut it 1/2" larger than your pillow all the way around {for your seam allowances}. Then grab your fabric for the back. {try and follow me for this one} Divide your pillow measurement in half {just on one side}. Then in half again - so that you essentially have the measurement of 1/4 of your pillow's side. Add the 1/4 measurement to your 1/2 measurement of that side. {Did you catch that? If you pillow measures 16" square your 1/2 measurement is 8" and your 1/4 measurement is 4". Add them together to get 12".}

Cut your pillow back fabric at 1" larger than your FULL side measurement {on one side} and your 1/2+1/4 measurements on the other - you should have a rectangle. { For a 16" pillow you should cut a rectangle 17"x12"}. Cut 2 of those rectangles.

{{ *On a side note... hopefully not to confuse you anymore... if the fabric you are using for either side is stretchy, leave off the seam allowance. This will give you a snug fitting pillow cover! }}

Next, take your two rectangle pieces. You are going to sew a finished hem on the two sides that will meet in the middle of the back of your pillow. Take one of the shorter sides of your rectangle piece and hem it. If you are using cotton fabric, iron your hem down about 1/4". Then fold that hem over and iron again {hiding the cut edge of your fabric}. Pin it in place and sew a straight line along your hem. Just short of a 1/4" from the folded edge of your fabric.

I chose a soft, fluffy, polyester fabric, I didn't double fold mine. I just folded once and hemmed.

Repeat the same step for one of the short sides of your OTHER rectangle piece.

You should end up with ONE hemmed side on each of your rectangles.

Next, take one of your rectangles and the fabric for the front of your pillow. Pin right sides together so that the hemmed edge of your rectangle piece is about 1/4" of the way from the edge of your pillow front fabric.

Take your other rectangle piece and pin it on the opposite side. Your hemmed edges should overlap about 1/3" of your fabric. Pin your pillow together all the way around!

Then sew a straight line all the way around your pillow about 1/2" from the edge of your pillow {1/2" seam allowance.} Back stitch at the start and finish. I set my machine for a smaller stitch width that way the seams are more durable! If you have a serger, go ahead and serge around your fabric.

Once you are done sewing, clip your corner. You want to be close to the corner seam, but not SO close that you might accidentally cute through your stitches.

Turn your pillow case right-side out using the opening where your hemmed edged overlap. Then stuff your pillow inside! Tuck it in one of the flaps, then pull the other flap over the top.

My daughter's finished pillow! I used a flannel scrap of fabric that I had for the front and the pink fluffy polyester fabric for the back!

For my son's pillow I actually used an old flannel receiving blanket for the front! It's a great way to recycle those receiving blankets!

Here's the back of both of them!

Make covers for your couch pillows, your bed pillows, or pillows for your kids to sit on!

My kids love these pillows. They each have their own spot to watch a movie or to read a book. They make good pillow fight pillows too!! They really like having their OWN pillows. It's like their own personal, private space. Kids really need that!


  1. Great tutorial, I have a lot of various scraps of fabric large enough to give this a try. I'm going to have to now, you make it look easy cute, and what a great way to turn an old into a new! : )

    Thanks for the ideas.

  2. These look so soft and cuddly! Thanks for sharing!


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