Mommy Lesson #1

Never leave a 2 year-old alone. Even if it's just to get dressed. Why not? This could happen....

Good thing I was planning on cleaning bathrooms today anyway! Plus... my little guy now smells minty fresh!

{P.S. Yes, we've been in our house almost 6 months and this bathroom still isn't finished yet! It's driving me nuts... but for what I want to do, I need to save up for! I can't wait to reveal it once it's done!! }


  1. LOL, the things these little ones can do in such a short amount of time truly amazes me!! I don't think I could ever make as much of a mess as my daughter can in a matter of 5 minutes, it's almost as if it's a talent!

  2. Hahahahah. This happens to me on a daily basis with my 18 month old. Good thing there's not too much 'bad' stuff available to get into.


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