My To Do List

Do you ever find that you just have a never ending list of things "to do" constantly going through your head, all .. day.. long!?! I do! So, the other day I set out to organize those chaotic thoughts a little more.

I created a "To Do" list. A simple thing really. But, it has helped me to better stay on task throughout the day!  Here's my list:

I added a quote I found somewhere online {don't you just love all the great things you can find!} and added it to the bottom to help me stay motivated!

So, today you can get your own FREE To Do list! I created it so that you get 2 lists per page. It just so happens that it fit very nicely on a 6"x9" clipboard that I recently purchased. I keep mine next to my computer in the office so that when I sit down at the computer to just "waste time" I can see my list and remind myself of the things I need to get done today!

Click HERE to download your own To Do List! Feel free to share this to your followers, just make sure you link them back to this post! Thanks!


  1. Thank you for the free download!

  2. I am a HUGE to do list maker! Yours is so cute...thanks for sharing it with us :)

    Delicious giveaway on my blog should check it out!

  3. Love this, thank you!! Does it come with someone who will actually do the things I write down? lol :)


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