Gotta Make Room...

Those of you who own Etsy shops know exactly what I am talking about! Sometimes your pile of finished products just takes up too much space!

So, I am offering some clearance items {because I need more space in my studio!} at 50%+ off of original retail price!

You can get some great things like these:

Little Tiger Onsie $5 - sized 3 months {including shipping to US and Canada}

Cupcake and Sweetie Onsies - sized 18 months {$10 including shipping to US and Canada!}

or these:

4" Gerber daisy flower clips {alligator clips} with jewel center. $5 each {including shipping to US and Canada}

Crocheted infant-toddler headbands - 2.5" wide - $5 {including shipping to US and Canada}

How about one of these?

Little Dino's Wipes case - *wipes not included - $7 {shipping included to US and Canada}

Amy Butler Chocolate Disco Flower wipes case - *wipes not included - $7 {shipping included to US and Canada}

Or maybe one of these:

X-large {40"+} snuggle soft flannel receiving/swaddling blankets:

Brown Damask - $6 {shipping included to US and Canada}

Sleepy Bears and flowers set $10 {including shipping to US and Canada}

This is just a peek at some of the fab-u-lous things that are on clearance right now. They have all been pulled out of my shop to make room for some fantastic new items!! This is your last chance to get these. They will not be coming back to the shop!

Stock up now for future babies {yours or friends}, Christmas presents {thinking way ahead I know}, or get a little something for you and your little one!!

Click {here} to see everything! If you are interesting in multiple items I will totally  give you a deal on shipping everything together!

I will be adding some more things over the next couple of days... but once they are gone, they are gone!

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