Mommy Lesson #3: Kids Make a Great First Impression {True Story}

... or more aptly titled..."How my kids helped me make a great first impression!"

So, we have been in our house for about 6 months now {yay!} and we bought it about 7 months ago. SO.... about 8 months ago we started working with a loan guy {not sure what the technical term is for him}. My husband had been dealing with him mostly, but the kids and I had to take a trip to his office one day to drop off paperwork because my sweet hubby had a meeting at work.

I load them up {and I forget the stroller - GREAT!} and head off to the office. We finally find it. I park. I unload my 3 yr old and almost 2 yr old from the car. Carry the little one, hold the hand of the bigger one, and carry the paperwork in the diaper bag {thank goodness for a big diaper bag!!!}

We ride the 3 floors up in the elevator to his office. Hand him the paperwork and leave. 5 minutes... tops! On the way back to the elevator my daughter sees the stairs and asks to take them instead. I check, double check, and TRIPLE CHECK that they are not fire exit - emergency only - stairs. They aren't, so we head down the 3 flights of stairs.

As we round the last turn I see the exit door at the bottom....
.. with several of those signs plastered all over it!!! GREAT!! Okay, well I guess we will go back up to the 2nd floor and go out that door {there were no signs on it}. We go back up - me still carrying my little guy and my little girl walking up the stairs. We try the door. LOCKED.

Okay, I thought, we came in the 3rd floor, it must be unlocked. We go up another flight of stairs to the third floor. LOCKED. At this point the panic starts to set in and here is my thought process:
 I have diapers and wipes. I have snacks. I have a couple toys. We will be okay until someone opens a door. Wait... if this is in deed the emergency exit... who is going to open a door!!?!??!

We sit on the stairs so I can think a minute. I look at my little girl sitting next to me. She has her head in her hands and she looks up at me and sweetly, and sadly, says "Mom, are we going to be stuck in here for-e-v-e-r??"

Ok... time to take action. I remember I have my cell phone with me... and start hoping praying that I have reception in this stairwell! It was an October miracle! But, who do I call!?! I swallow my pride, and call the loan guy... who thankfully had called me earlier in the morning and his number was in my recent incoming calls.

What an embarrassing phone conversation: "Hi, this is Katy. I just dropped off some paperwork to you. Me and my kids are locked in the stairwell. Can you come let us out?"

I am pretty certain that he hung up the phone, told his office buddies, and they all had a good laugh. He finally came to our rescue... then walked us to the elevator. As we walk he says "You could have gone out that door, it isn't really an Emergency Exit."

How embarrassing!!
{not that I would have known it wasn't an Emergency Exit and all..... with all those stinkin' signs!!!!}

So, why do I re title this
"How my kids help me make a great first impression"?
I am sure you figured that one out!
It was scary and embarrassing then, but looking back on it, we can all have a good laugh about it!


  1. I almost hate to say that I'm laughing really hard right now! I'm so sorry ... but you/this are/is really funny! Have a GREAT day tomorrow!


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