Tutorial: Garage Sale Desk Redo {Part 1}

A couple months ago we bought a lovely desk for $10 from a garage sale. As my daughter gets closer to starting kindergarten {sheesh.. I feel old!} we thought it would be fun to get her a desk for her room. That way she has her own special place to do homework, color, etc.  Here's what we got for $10 {before}:

And here is was I {and my kids} turned it into {after}:

First thing is first... set up your redo area and set some ground rules. My kiddos are very independent.. and want to "help" with everything!!! So, I gave them each their own paintbrush and told them the rules.

Rule #1 - Only MOMMY gets to put paint on the brushes.
Rule #2 - only paint the black parts of the desk {their job was the drawer fronts}
Rule #3 - Only MOMMY gets to put paint on the brushes!!!!!!!!!

It went pretty well... but I also made a rule for myself - "Don't let the paint bucket out of my sight!" So It stayed under the desk for a while... with me in front of it. Then it moved to right next to me... but I practically had an arm over it the whole time. I KNOW my kids.....
...so unfortunately I don't have any cute pics of my kids painting.
 {I totally wish I did... but that would have meant breaking one of my rules...and what kind of example would I have been setting!}
That's what I get for doing a project like this during the week when Daddy is at work!

Once your area is set up and you have your supplies... take the drawers out of the desk, stand them up in painting position, and remove any hardware.

We {collectively} put one light coat of primer on the desk front, sides, back, and top and the drawer fronts. I used KILZ primer left over from painting our house before we moved in.

Then let it dry. Why did I choose to prime first?!?! For two reasons.
1. The desk was painted black, so I knew it needed primer since I would be painting it white.
2. There were tons of little pin holes in the desk and the drawers. It was hard to see all of them while it was painted black because they blended in. With the primer on I could easily find all these holes to fix them.

See all those holes!?! And that's just the back of it!

Come back tomorrow for {part 2} of this redo!

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