Review and Giveaway: Bedtime and Naptime... by Hilary Weeks

**Extended until Friday, June 17th!!!**

I was given the opportunity through Deseret Book Store to review a brand new book by singer/songwriter Hilary Weeks. The book is called "Bedtime and Naptime... and Bedtime and Naptime: The Simple Joys of a Mom's Life". Hilary Weeks is an LDS {Latter-Day Saint} mom and entertainer. She writes and performs beautiful religious songs. In this book {which includes a CD} she shares some of "the simple joys of a mom's life".

I just have to say... as a mom.... this made me laugh the hardest I have laughed in a l-o-n-g  time!! But, it also really hit home. She shares some fantastic quotes from women with great insight, as well as her own personal experiences being a wife and a mother.

Here some of my favorite pages {as if I could really choose a favorite... they are all so wonderful!!!}:

• • •

• • •

{I totally love this one!!!}

• • •
This wonderfully inspiring and humurous book also comes with a fantastic BONUS CD in which she shares some of her popular song parodies. Here is a snippet from one of the songs on this CD {to the tune of My Favorite Things}:
"When the kids fight
When my husband's late
When I'm feeling sad
I open the freezer, pull out the ice cream
and then I don't feel so bad!"

• • •

I love that despite her career she is still MOM. What a great lesson for all of us who have our own small businesses, Etsy shops, and blogs. Even though those ARE important things to us... we should still be MOM first and foremost! Our kids aren't kids forever... we need to cherish this time we have with them to teach them, love them, and set a good example for them! If we can have fun and add a little laughter into it... even better!

As if you aren't already convinced that this is a must have for your at home library... here are 2 videos showcasing 2 of my favorite songs from her BONUS CD.

Now that you have a big smile on your face and you are done laughing... you have a chance to get your very own copy of this book and BONUS CD.

Here's how to enter:
Leave a comment telling me your favorite part about being a mom, grandma, aunt, sister {whatever you are}. That's it! One comment!! Easy enough, right?

All entries must be submitted by Friday June 17th. The winner will be announced on Monday June 20th.


  1. I love being a Yia Yia (Greek for Grandma) because my 4 grandkids and I are free to LOVE one another, laugh at loud with tons of giggles, sing at the top of our lungs (I teach piano), eat the abundance of good food from the garden, and nestle with hugs and a very good book to read and interact with before naptime. It is pure joy just to hear them call my name! :)

  2. I knew that being a mom would be wonderful, but I honestly had NO idea. My favorite part about being a mom is waking up in the morning and hearing my 14 month old scream out mama! mama! and to know you are just loved and needed is so rewarding! To pick only one part as a favorite part of being a mom is impossible. Every waking moment is pure bliss and joy, to watch your kids grow, learn and develop into people is amazing. I love being a mom so much!


  3. Hearing "I love you mommy" & the hugs and kisses are the best part about being a mom!

  4. Favorite part of being a mom is that I have a little princess all of mine. :P.

    I love spending hours with her, observing things she does every second. While she takes a nap, I love imagining what would be her dream. I am eager to read about infants in childcare magazines.

    I love capturing her each action, gesture and milestones as videos, photographs and blog posts and hence I started a blog. ( I scribble everything in an around my angel. From her deeds and changes everyday to my own concepts, observations and findings around it.

    I love everything I go through, being a mom- including the fun, the happiness, the distress, the hassles, the surprises...:)

  5. Not a Mom (yet), but I love the silly things that my nieces and nephews say!

  6. My favourite part is watching my boys smile and laugh, and the simple things that make them smile!

  7. There truly are a lot of things I love about being a Mom, but I really love waking my girls in the morning. Their warm and peaceful sleeping faces waking up to see you and then just becoming completely comfortable.

  8. My favourite thing about being a mom... that's a hard one! I think it has to be how everyday there's something new that my son does to surprise me or to make me laugh! And when he runs up and gives me a hug with an "I love you mommy"

  9. I love watching my 7 month old learn new things.He just discovered that he can stick his tongue out and make BBBRRRR sounds with his lips. SOOOO cute I love it.

  10. My favourite thing about being a mom is cuddles!!! I love the way my son (3 months) snuggles with me and i love the way he smiles and laughs. It's amazing to see the world through his eyes, an ordinary object makes him laugh and shake. I love that even after a night of no sleep, his smile and love gives me the strenght to keep going.

  11. My favorite part about being a Mom is taking care of my teenagers when they need me. Last night my daughter wrecked her dirt bike and we spent the night in the emergency room. A broken wrist and a broken elbow...she needs me now.

    My favorite part about being an Aunt is taking care of my nieces and nephews when they need me. My niece is expecting another baby. She needs a lot of love and some extra cash...she needs me now.

    My favorite part about being a Sister is when we're there for each other. Our Mom has Alzheimer's. We need each other now.

  12. My favorite part of being a mom...all of it. Nursing a newborn in the middle of the night, making school lunches, teaching our kids how to tie their shoes. Just giving hugs and kisses, and laughing with the kids. Hardest and beat thing I have ever done.


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