Tutorial: Garage Sale Desk Redo {Part 2}

Just a quick recap.... we bought this desk for $10 at a garage sale. Feel free to go back and read {Part 1} of this tutorial to refresh your memory!

After letting the primer dry for an hour or so {it was a hot sunny day and it dried really fast!} I pulled out my trusty wood filler and got to work! If you have never used this stuff before... it's really easy. Just get a dab on the end of your finger and smear it into the hole. To save yourself a lot of extra work, try and get it as smooth as you can.

It dried really fast too... so you need to work kind of quickly. Make sure when you are done that you seal up your container TIGHT to keep the leftover wood filler from drying out.

Once your wood filler patching is dry, sand away! I used an electric sander for this job - totally worth the investment!

Make sure after you are done sanding that you brush away any leftover sanding dust that make have settled on the desk... otherwise the paint won't stick as well.

I used Behr Pure White paint. It is the one with the primer in it. I chose to use semi-gloss - partially because I had it on hand already, but also because I will be able to clean it MUCH easier!!

It took about 2 coats - 3 in some places - to hide all that dark paint and to get the smooth look I wanted. I started out painting with a brush and quickly changed to a small roller when I realized how long it would take to use the brush.

 I had to patch a couple small pin holes in the drawer fronts as well. All in all though it wasn't too bad.

As the final coat dried, I packed my kids up in the car and off we headed to Home Depot. I let my daughter pick out the drawer knobs she wanted for her desk. Much to my surprise she wanted some nice classy knobs. I thought for sure she would choose pink... who knew!?

Here is her desk in her room. I still need to do some much needed decor updating in all areas of my house... but one project at a time!

Here's a close-up of one side of the desk. Now she keeps all of her "school" work books, her coloring books, puzzles, crayons, and whatever else she wants in her very own desk!

Next step.... working on her chair! I think I will paint it pink.... just to add a girly touch!

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  1. Looks amazing! It's hard to believe that's the same desk! I have a desk in my garage that I've been planning to paint white. This is great inspiration to get my booty painting!


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