{ Day 1 - Creating Command Central }

What is command central? Well, it's the one place that everyone can go to in your house to know everything about what is going on!

Here are some samples to give you an idea of what command central can look like:

{ Courtesy of Organizing Junkie }

{ Courtesy of Super Organizing Mum }

• • • • •

So, what is included in command central {at least the basics anyways}? Here is a small list. Feel free to add whatever works for you and your family to the list!

Calendar {wall, desk, or day planner}: Keeping your family calendar where it can be viewed by all is a great way to keep everyone on the same page! It is even a great idea {especially for busy families} to have a calendar night where everyone sits down and you fill in the calendar for the following week with what everyone has planned.

I'm not really sure I can put into words how fantastic this planner is. They are on sale for 35% off right now. I wish I could say I own one, but since I already had mine this year when I found out about this one I chose not to spend the extra $. However, I think I will spring for one next year for sure!! If you don't already have a planner, this would be a great one to consider purchasing!

• • • • •

File Folders: Why? It's a great way to sort mail, kids schoolwork or fliers, grocery ads, coupons, etc.
You can use file folders in any number of ways.

So, what folders should you include? Here is a list, you can pick and choose which ones work for you!
• Bills to pay
• Papers to file
• Sales fliers
• Coupons
• a folder for each child
• Important papers
• Receipts {one for family, one for business if applicable}

**One of the most important steps to making the file folder system work well is to make sure to sort through your mail as soon as you bring it in! Don't let the junk mail pile up! Go through coupon mailers as soon as you get them. File the ones you will use and "toss" the rest! Don't get your mail unless you have time to go through it!

Choose 1 day a week and make that your "empty the folders" day! On that day you go through the receipts and file them. You pay the bills and/or file them! Don't let your folder become full! Make sure you set aside a specific time/day to go through them!

• • • • •
Pens/pencils/hi-lighters/markers/post-its/scissors/etc.: One of the important things about a command center is to make sure that you have everything that you will need! If you have to search for a writing utensil, you probably won't write it down! Keep all the items you need for your calendar, grocery list, coupons, etc. close by {or as a part of} command central!

{LOVE this design by IKEA. These hanging cups - so many varieties - can be used for everything!}

{Or choose a simple pencil cup!}

• • • • •

So, today is FRIDAY... that means your homework for this weekend is to start working on your own command central. If you have something already, look for ways to improve it! If you don't have one, start looking around your house for things you already own that you can use to create your command central.

Look for an area in your house {a corner, a kitchen counter, your desk, a table, etc.} for creating your command center. It needs to be an easily accessible space where you will have enough room for your items! There are so many cute file folders sold now in stores that if you want to find something to match your room's decor, I am sure you can!

• • • • •

Here is a tour of my command central!

My command central is loacted just outside my kitchen doorway. Technically I think it's in the dining room... but that's okay. It's centrally located in my great room {living room, dining room, toy room}. I have it placed on top of an old dresser {which will be getting a re-do in a bit}.  My command central includes my file folders, a pencil cup, an organizing caddy, and my day planner.

I have this little caddy that I think I bought at Target like 5 years ago. I keep my current reads {magazines and catalogs} in the front. Behind that is my important info binder - something we will get to later this month! The pictures in the picture window are actually designs from my Project Life Kit that I had leftover.

In my file folder bin {which is actually a basket that I got some Christmas gifts in last year} I keep my file folders {I really need some cuter ones}, my pencil cup, my coupon organizer, and in the back behind my folders is an address book for my church. 

It took me a couple of weeks to "train" my sweet hubby on how to use the file folder system. Now, he has it down and he helps to file things. He knows where to find all the bills when it's time to pay them. When he is done paying them, he puts them all in the "Ready to be filed" folder and I file them in the office.  

What are my file folder lables?
•Our family reciepts
• KdBuggie Boutique {for my business receipts and mail}
• Coupons/Discounts {the ones you get in the mail}
• Ready to be filed
• To be mailed {so that I can just empty the contents of that folder each day by taking it to the mail box or post office}
• Important Mail {invitations, cards, credit cards to activate, etc.}
• My daughter's papers {things she gets in church - since she's not in school yet}
• Bills to pay

Have a great weekend!

Monday: Schedules and Chores


  1. I have a wall in my kitchen that is a can of chalkboard paint away from being "command central" I am so ready to get my family organized. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas. Can't wait to get started now.


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  10. I really liked all your ideas. I also like the arrangement of your folder file. It really inspired me to still look neat and not cluttered. If the file folder that have been neatly on case, then we would be easy to find the file which we will use. Thank you for sharing your ideas to the readers.

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