{ Day 10: Organizing Files and Bills }

Remember the post I wrote the other day on organizing your office? Well today we are going to continue that a little bit and talk about how to organize your files and your bills in your office. There are tons of places you can keep your files: a rolling file cabinet, and fixed file cabinet, a file box, a file bin, a desk drawers, etc.. Whichever storage solution works for you and your space is what you should use!

Consider the following questions when deciding where to store your files:
1. How many files will you need? If you need a large number of files, you may want to consider a filing cabinet with multiple drawers. On the other hand, if you only have a few bills to file away each month, a desk drawers, an exandable file folder, or a file box may work well for you.

2. How often will you be accessing these files? If you pay bills at the end of each week, you will want your files easily accessible. You don't want to have to move furniture, or items in a closet to get to your files each week. If you have files that you almost NEVER access, then you may want to consider placing them in a good storage space that may not be quite so easy to get to. { For example: You might remember from my post that I keep all of my instruction manuals in a file cabinet in my garage.}

To create a good filing system, you need to "take inventory" of the items that need filing. Most likely it will be regulare monthly or bi-monthly bills, bank statements, and various repairs. Anything that occurs regularly should have it's own file. For example:
• bank statements
• paycheck stubs
• utility bills {cable, gas, water, trash, phone, electricity, etc.}
• credit card statements/bills
• auto maintenance
• pest control
• insurance

Each company/institution should have it's own file. If you have 3 credit cards, each card gets it's own file. Same with banks. Each utility company needs it's own file. For auto maintenance, set up a file for each automobile you own - then you know where to look for all of the service receipts if you need them.

Bills that occure less frequently {license renewal, membership fees, repairs} you can lump together in a Misccellaneous file if you want. If you have the space, feel free to create categories like:
• memberships
• renewals
• repairs

Keeping your files organized saves time and I find that it helps me to feel like I am a little more organized overall! PLUS, getting some cute file folders and a label maker makes it more fun!

Tomorrow: Organizing Your Craft Area

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