{ P.S. Pictures from my Craft Fair }

This last Saturday I had the opportunity to take part in a Community Day near my home. Unfortunately the turn out was very low, but I had a blast! Here are some pictures of my booth set up!

I added some new items to my business:
• flower clips and crocheted headbands
• key fobs
• bibs
• a couple nursing covers
• padded wipes cases
• onsies and t-shirts
• pacifier clips

In front of my nursing cover you can see a small metal pail {from IKEA}. It was filled with Hershey's kisses because really, what mommy doesn't want chocolate?!!? {They were free of course!}

I ran out of table cloth, so I grabbed my kiddos car blankets to cover my card table. I made these really simply a while back and they have been the absolute best thing! They are a cotton print on one side {pink for my daughter, blue for my son} and white flannel on the other side. They keep the kids warm on car rides home at night, and they cover their seats during the summer when the car is parked so the seats aren't scorching when they climb in and get buckled.

My sister in law came with me and was selling her handmade jewelry. She is trying to raise $ to cover the cost of her study abroad program for school. She will be spending 3-4 months in Europe the end of this year. Lucky her!

My little guys stopped by for the afternoon. My mother-in-law and sweet hubby watching them at the park and chased them around the playground! They had a blast!!

It was a lot of fun! PLUS, I will be adding all of my new goodies to my shop! So, keep your eyes peeled for all of my new designs!!

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