No Solicitors Sign Tutorial

Since we bought our new home I have been bombarded by solicitors. I love that they are out trying to raise awareness for their cause, and fundraise for their school trip, but we are so strapped for cash... I hate feeling guilty that I can't help them. So, I decided to make my own No Solicitors sign. Here's how I did it {using supplies I already had at home!}

• Wooden sign
• Mod Podge
• Laser printer
• sponge brushes
• white paint
• string
• power drill {woohoo for power tools!}

The first thing I did was design my sign. I sized it so that it would give me about 1/2" border of sign around my design. Then I printed it on my laser printer. Things printed on an ink jet tend to smear when they get wet, so I opted for my laser!

Then I got out my trusty white plastic table cloth, covered my table, and started painting my sign white! I let it dry for about 30-45 minutes.

Then I cut my sign out. Using a whole lot of Mod Podge (I know that's not a real measurement... but that's what I did!) I "glued" my sign to the painted wood - making sure to squish out all the air bubbles (technical term I think!).

Then I brushed a generous amount over the top of the printed paper and the rest of the sign. When Mod Podge is wet, you can see the white streaks. It dries clear and glossy!

Once my Mod Podge had dried (another 30 minutes - ish!) I used my trusty power drill and drilled two small holes in the top to attach my string too!

I decided to let me knots show so I threaded the end of the string (hemp twine) through the hole to the front and tied my knot. Repeat for the other hole using the other end of your twine/string. Just make sure (by tugging on it) that your knot won't slip through your hole.

Then I took my new, totally cute, sign and hung it up! I used a silver looking command hook. Command hooks are totally awesome! I used them all over!! Now I have a cute sign that, I hope nicely enough, asks solicitors to kindle go away!


  1. Oh, how I need one of these. Summer is upon us which means someone knocking on my door at least once a week.

  2. Sweet and simple! Thanks for the tutorial !

  3. Ooooh, I LIKE THIS! I get tons of solicitors!

    Thanks for this!!!


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