{ Day 11: Organizing Your Craft Area }

I think just about all of us love to craft in some way or another. But, do you ever find that your crafting supplies seem to creep out of their space and get into other areas of your house?!?! We are going to solve that problem!!

Of course the biggest part of organizing this space is going through it all! You, like me, probably have items in your craft stash that you haven't used in years!!! I also have a LARGE pile of unfinished projects that I "hope" to get to at some point. These are the things, I think, that are in most desperate need of some organizational help!

Things that haven't been used in years... time to donate or sell them! OR... start using them! ☺ If you have a bunch of unfinished projects, maybe it's time to re-evaluate the need to finish them. Instead of finishing that cross-stitch from 10 years ago, donate it... or ... re purpose it and use the pieces for something else!

Since all of use are using different crafting supplies, and we all have different rooms/areas for those supplies... the bulk of this post will be craft room inspirations. Hopefully you can find something in one of these pictures that will work for you! If you have a great idea or craft storage solution, PLEASE feel free to share it!

Hopefully you have some inspiration to help you in thinking of ways to organize your space. Remember, take advantage of the space you have! If it is horizontal space... add some bookcases or cabinets. If it is vertical space.. add some shelving or hooks!

See if you can change at least one thing about how you store your craft items this weekend, and try and find something you can sell or donate!

Have a great weekend!!

Monday: Organizing the Linen Closet

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