5 Playroom Must Haves!!


Thinking of redoing your playroom? Here is a list of my 5 "must haves" in a perfect playroom. 

1. storage
2. workspace/playspace
3. comfortable seating
4. library
4. artwork display
• • • • • 

1. Storage. And this room has a ton of it. You must have a place to store all those toys and supplies or they spill over into all the other rooms of the house.

2. Workspace/Playspace. Not only does this room have the table and chairs, but the storage cabinets are lower so they can function as play space as well. 

3. Comfortable Seating.  A must have for young and older kids. The perfect place for watching and movie, reading a book, or chatting with friends.

4. Library. Whether big or small, every child needs a place to store their books. Choose a bookshelf, or create a vertical storage system. Either way, it's a must!

5. Artwork Display. Use frames and shelving to display artwork by your children. Display it in a prominant place for all to see and admire.

Or use wire curtain mounts to create a custom artwork display.

What is on your MUST HAVE list for your ideal playroom!?

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  1. Storage that looks nice and hides the mess. I agree that comfortable seating is a must. I also think that easy to clean surfaces is another must with kids too.



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