FREEBIE: Medication Tracking Sheet

I think it's inevitable that a few weeks into the school year your child comes home with a cold. Then, following what they have learned in preschool or Kindergarten... they share! {boo!}

We {as in my family} have been battling a cold for the last 2 weeks. Someone has had something. So, I created this little sheet to help me keep track of who has what medicine when.

I used some of the small .5lb command hooks {you can get them just about anywhere.. I think I got mine at Target} to hang my list up. It sits inside the kitchen cabinet door where all of the medications are stored making it really easy to quickly write it down while the meds are being given. Then we can referece it when the fever spikes and the cough comes back to double check that they are ready for another dose.

Right next to it is my shopping list. Since I already keep a pencil in that cabinet for the medication list, why not keep the shopping list there too! And when I need more children's tylonel, I can jot it down on my handy list.

You can download your own copy of the medication tracking sheet and the grocery list printable too!

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