Going Green - with Batteries

So, if you haven't noticed.... I updated my little social media buttons to include Pinterest now. Yes, I hopped on the Pinterest wagon. I don't have much up there just yet ... but when I find some good stuff... I will share pin it!

Now, on to the freebie good stuff!

Yesterday morning I woke up, hopped in the shower and heard a chirping sound. As I was drying off I realized it was the smoke alarm in my bedroom. Dang! Time to change that battery!!!

I went to the garage, brought out the step ladder, grabbed a new 9-volt battery and changed that sucker!

Now... what to do with the old battery!!? If you are like me you have every intenion of doing the "right" thing and recycling it. BUT, where do you put it until you can take it in to be recycled?

My usual answer.... the trash. Yup, I admit I am that person. I throw those stinkers in the trash..... UNTIL NOW!

{forgive the terrible pictures... I'm still saving for a nice camera... plus, I took these late yesterday afternoon!}

I created a fun little printable to encourage me to hang on to them. When it's cute... I will use it. All is takes in an old {and clean} mayonnaise jar {mine is vegannaise technically since we don't get the real stuff due to food allergies}.

We ALL have old batteries. Practically every children's toy needs them. The remote controls. The camera. The Wii-motes. The walk-mans (oh wait...). Let's all do our part to save the planet and stop throwing those batteries away!

{BTW, my daughter's preschool is all about "going green" this year so... this is us doing our part!} 

Want to create one for your home?

{download here}

The PDF file has two different label designs... just in case! It is 10.5" long and 3"wide. If your jar is larger around, you can either print two and cut and paste to cover your jar.. or grab a piece of scrapbook paper cut it the circumference of your jar plus 1/2" long and 4" wide. Then cut out the label and glue it in the middle of the rectangle you created with your scrapbook paper. Then, attach it to your jar.

I didn't worry about scraping all of the sticky stuff left from the label off of the jar. I just put my paper over it.

Then used two small pieces of scotch tape on the back to hold it together. Feel free to run it through your Xyron machine, or print it on label paper so it sticks to your jar.

Now that you have that jar, and you are filling it with all of those old batteries... what happens when it gets full?

Most electronics stores have battery recycling bins that you can take them too. While you are out shopping, just take note of where you see the bins. Then when your battery jar gets full... recycle them!

What do you do in your home to go green?


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  1. I was saving my batteries in cans until I went to the hazardous waste site for my county and found out that unless you have a big quantity, they aren't considered hazardous waste and the recommendation was to toss in the regular trash (except for rechargeables). Radio Shack has battery recycling, but it's on rechargeables, so in the trash they go.


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