Tutorial: Trick or Treat Bags

Do you remember as a kid going trick or treating with a clean pillow case? We never had the cute trick or treat "bags" that you can find now. For example:

{from Target.com}

Well... I decided that since our pumpkin buckets from last year weren't big enough for all the candy that my kids got, that I would make them some larger trick or treats bags to take this year.

{p.s. this is also a great pattern for making a handy tote bag or reusable grocery bag!}

They are not as cute as the ones above... but they work for any costume choice, are a timeless design, and we plan on saving them for years!

Want to make your own pillow case trick or treat bag{s}? Here's how.

3/4 yd print for outside of bag
3/4 yd solid for inside of bag
sewing machine
iron and ironing board
{and about 1 hour to do it all}

My kids each chose the fabric for their bags. My daughter - pink of course! My son  bugs!!!

*Make sure you prewash/preshrink and iron your fabrics before starting!!!

Fold your fabric in half so that you end up with a 3/4yd x 22" piece {just like how it would look wrapped around the bolt at the store}. Cut your fabric at 21" so you have 1 BIG piece that is 21"x44".

 Then unfold your fabric and lay it out on your cutting mat. You will then cut 4 pieces. 2 that are 17"x21" and 2 that are 3"x21".

Do the same with both the print and the solid fabrics.

Pin your printed fabric {right sides together} along the two long sides and ONE of the small sides. This will form the sides and bottom of your bag.

If you can find a right side to your solid... pin those together.. otherwise it doesn't matter which way you pin them. Just make sure that you leave a 5" opening on the bottom of the bag. So, pin the two long sides and the bottom leaving the opening. I always double pin where I will be starting and stopping my sewing!

Now that you are all pinned, use your sewing machine {straight stitch} or a serger to sew them together.

Repeat for your print piece. Now it's time to work on those straps! Grab the 3" strips you cut. Place one print and one solid with right sides together. Then sew or serge down both of the long sides.

I found that for the next step if was easier if I ironed my strips flat before turning them right side out.

This is the hardest step in the whole bag making process... turning those pesky straps right side out! Grab a saftey pin and attach it to the end. Then you are going to tuck the pin inside the "tube" you created. Slowly inch it through the tube until it comes out the other end. Straighten out your fabric and remove the pin. Repeat for the other strap.

Once you get that saftey pin all the way out, iron your straps flat ...

... then top stitch the sides to keep your straps flat.

Now, turn your printed bag piece right side out and stuff it inside the solid piece {this is inside out} so that right sides are together and the inside of your bag is on the outside. Did you follow all that?

{p.s. you see that big "J"? Well, it was my attempt at some homemade applique ... more in posts to follow!}

Next you are going to tuck those straps inside - between the solid and printed pieces. Choose which side of the strap you would like on the outside and place it face down against the printed fabric. I pinned my strap edges about 2" from either side of my bag.

Pin 1 strap to each side of your bag. Make sure you strap is smooth {not twisted} as you pin.. otherwise your strap will be twisted on the finished bag.

I opted to straight stitch the to of my bag {around where you pinned the straps on} becuase I wanted to do a wider seam allowance. That way when I turn my bag right-side out and stitch along the top it will help reinforce the top of the bag and the straps by sewing through the seam allowanced fabric as well as the top of the bag. Does that make sense? I hope so!!

Remember that little opening in the solid fabric? Well, here's why. Pull the printe fabric through that opening to turn your bag right side out. Then you stuff the solid print back down into your printed fabric. Voila! You have a lined bag! But, what about that little opening....

Grab a couple pins. line up the two sides of the opening as if it were stitched together and pin the sides together. Then use a 1/4" or 1/8" seam allowance to stitch the bottom of your bag together. If you don't want anyone to see it {which they really won't anyway since it's the bottom of the inside of the bag} choose thread that matches the color of your fabric.

Then iron around the top of your bag, stitch around it, iron again to set the stitching.. and you are done!

.. and yes.. they are BIG bags! My kids have high hopes to fill them up this year!

You can adjust the size of your bag to suit your needs! If you want to make a tote bag or a reusabe grocery bag, I suggest you use either duck cloth or home decor weight fabric. They will hold up better for everyday use!

Happy sewing!!

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