Tutorial: Super Simple Super Hero Cape - Guest Post

I am super excited to introduce Beth. She has been a follower of my blog for some time and has a fantastic idea to share with all of us! It is perfect timing with Halloween right around the corner. So, time to raid your closets and create some fun super simple super hero capes for your little heroes!!

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Hey There Everyone!
If you don't know me as of yet I'm Beth from
Through the Eyes of the Mrs.
If you ever get an email from me expect it to start with
"Hey there"

I'm a momma to three little
Super Heroes
What can I say they like to pretend
 Chefs, Ballerinas, Explorers
I like to join in on the fun too!
It's fun to have our imaginations Run Wild.

Super Hero Capes
Old Adult T-Shirt
Fabric for your letters

Cut around the collar of your T-shirt

Cut down the back into this shape

Next you cut out & attach the letter to your cape.
You can sew this or use fabric glue {I - Katy - suggest wonder under as a possibility as well}.
In my case I had impatient bystanders.
They had to save the world!

Planning their strategy!

Please make sure to tell them You Can't Fly!
We don't need any accidents now do we?

Thank You so much Katy for having me.
Please come by & say Hello!



Thanks Beth for such a wonderfully simple idea! I love that it can be made out of an old t-shirt! Such an inexpensive and fun costume or dress-up idea! I am totally going to search my closet for some t-shirts (well, ok, maybe my hubby's side of the closet.. hehehe) to make some for my little ones!

Then, make a couple extra for when the friends come over... they can all save the world together!

Plus, use the same idea to create a princess cape {from a pink shirt, of course!}, a Dracula cape, little red riding hood, and much more!

What Halloween costumes are you creating this year?!?

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